Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Awkward Questions Avoided

Take a look at these 10 questions from Fraser Nelson. These are questions we should be asking of our Prime Minister about his involvement in his present and previous posts with regard to Iraq and which are now being postponed until after the election for fear of it being 'too political.'

We all doubted that the Chilcot Inquiry would amount to much and this decision has confirmed this even more than their remarkably low key, polite and unobtrusive questioning. This area of the way we do government in this country is overdue for reform. It won't be of course because turkeys don't vote for Christmas. After the MPs expenses scandal of the summer it is now very much business as usual which means not very much at all if it might lead to a Prime Minister and former Chancellor having to account for his reckless stupidity and breathtaking arrogance all of which has cost lives.

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