Friday, 11 December 2009

The Bankrupt Prime Minister

Here's something else that Gordon investment Brown doesn't want you to know. According to the IFS which has crunched the numbers and is the body everyone goes to now because the government's own figures and spin are so unreliable, because Brown and Darling are ringfencing some budgets this means massive 20% cuts in other departments. This means that all of the extra spending under Brown will have been wiped out by 2018.

What a rare achievement. Such is the incompetence of our Prime Minister and former iron Chancellor, his much trumpeted investments in our economy are going to count for nothing to pay for his folly. We're used to his Budgets unravelling but this one has frayed, unravelled and is now about to be seized by the bailiffs. That's your legacy Gordon: The bankrupt Prime Minister.

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