Saturday, 5 December 2009

Brown Becomes A Green Meanie

Gordon Brown has opined on Climategate and as usual got it wrong. Indeed he seems to have become a Green Meanie. Labour, true to recent form, are once again resorting to name calling towards anyone who disagrees with them, much as the GMs do. Ed Miliband has been accusing various Tories of all manner of nasty motivations for daring to call for a debate on the issue and now the man who wants to save the world again next week has weighed in with all of his usual subtlety.

Sceptics, says Brown, are 'behind the times, anti-science, flat earthers. We know the science,' he says 'we know what we must do. We must now act.'

Actually Gordon that's the whole point. Climategate has shown that the science is flawed and deliberately so. That's why various bodies including the Met Office and the UN have resolved to address this PR disaster and agreed to look again at the data or hold investigations. The credibility of the UN on the issue of course is shot and so we will take their willingness to look again with a pinch of salt. But even these most ardent of climate change evangelists have now acknowledged the need to at least look as though they are checking their facts.

The British public, Gordon, are increasingly sceptical about man-made climate change. So that's the vast majority of people you will shortly be asking to vote for you that you are calling anti-science, flat-earthers. Nice politics.

The media and politicians have had to adjust their stances on this issue these last few days. It is typical of Brown to be behind the curve as usual. The timing of the Climategate scandal was a disaster for the Green Meanies and their political allies because of the imminence of the hot air festival in Copenhagen. But they have only themselves to blame. Their hype and name calling, instead of taking a reasoned and properly scientific approach, has now been shown to be a fraud.

That this government is burying its head in the sand on the issue is typical of its approach to everything recently. Other politicians have accepted that the debate we were once told was over needs to actually take place. That our out of touch and arrogant Prime Minister disagrees should just act as vindication to those who have been brave enough to question the cosy consensus.

It is not anti-science to be sceptical. Science is supposed to be sceptical. The Green Meanies forgot that or ignored it. If politicians keep doing the same then they may find that the public reacts with something greater than scepticism when they see the post Copenhagen bill.

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