Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Calling Joanna

Someone give Joanna Lumley a call. Phil Woolas, the Home Office Minister needs another good talking to.

Mr Woolas, invited on to the Today Programme this morning to defend the fact that Border Agency staff are being given bonuses, told a stunned nation that these defenders of our borders - or the coast as those who of us who were paying attention during geography call it - are routinely putting their lives on the line for us all.

What exactly is endangering them? Paper cuts? Having to look at all of those awful passport photos?

And these are senior officials who have been receiving these bonuses. How dangerous are the streets of Whitehall and if so shouldn't the nation be told?

This is the same department which has had problems coping with the numbers of asylum seekers and has lost track of thousands of illegal immigrants. And this is the same government which finds it expedient to criticise greedy bankers and their bonuses but hands them out to civil servants who are doing a lousy job and have actually managed to lose control of our borders despite the fact that we are an island.

One of the best and most entertaining moments of the year was when Woolas was made to look like a naughty school boy being forced to stand up before the school by headmistress Joanna Lumley. I think she ought to make him stand in the corner again and have a good long think about what he's done.

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