Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas Is Back On

Could it be that we modern day Tiny Tims have been saved from the trolley dolly Scrooges by the High Court? Certainly the strike has now been blocked but will they remain in high dudgeon instead of a mile high having had their Christmas plans frustrated? There is talk that some of them will strike unofficially.

Unite, the idiotic union calling this strike, called this a 'disgraceful day for democracy'. Except it was their inability to hold a democratic ballot involving those actually entitled to vote which has created the problem. It takes a special kind of incompetence for a union to fall foul of these laws which have been around for two decades now.

For now it's game set and match to BA management. They have won the court battle and have won the PR battle too with the media and blogosphere almost unanimously backing them. Other BA staff like pilots have backed the management and pointed out that they have had to accept reduced wages and perks. Even the union bosses have had to admit that calling the strike for twelve days was a little over the top.

The worry is though that the ghost of Christmas future will continue to haunt BA and that industrial relations will sooner or later blow up and cause another disaster as we have seen all too often recently. But as another airline in Scotland went bust today perhaps that will concentrate the minds of bosses, staff and union leaders alike. The air industry is in a state of flux. BA is in a fight for survival. It has plenty of advantages, not least all those take off and landing slots at Heathrow, but it still contrives to have crises like this. It can't carry on this way.

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