Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Enemy Within

The news that a man - FBI sources have named him as a Nigerian, Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23 year old engineering student who claims to be connected with Al Qaeda - tried and failed to explode a bomb attached to himself on a Northwest airlines flight from Amsterdam, should I supposed be greeted with weary resignation. The fact that the attempt seems to have been incompetent and unlikely to have succeeded, even if his fellow passengers hadn't intervened will be cold comfort. These cretins do not have to be blessed with great intellect for their stupidity to succeed. Indeed they still seem to be trying to find some kind of explosive formula which is benign enough so that it can be smuggled on to aircraft but which can then cause sufficient mayhem for their purposes. This was another failure, but, as we are constantly reminded, they only have to get lucky once. The authorities have to be lucky all of the time.

The real worry of course is that, yet again, this was someone based in Britain who tried to carry out this facile act, no doubt deliberately at Christmas. Yet again, while our troops fight and die in Afghanistan, supposedly to defend us from these morons, our government is at the same time waving thousands of immigrants in to the country without any proper checks. Only a few days ago it was revealed that students are being lent money so that they can 'prove' that they can pay for their studies. They then give the money back once safely in the country. Now most are coming here to work. But what students desperate for work can do....... It's another example of Labour's famous joined up government.

Furthermore, as Fraser Nelson writes in The Spectator, thanks to our ridiculous judge made libel laws, our press are prevented from properly reporting what is happening and who might be involved. These two issues need to be urgently addressed during the coming election and by our next government. The libel issue in particular, given that our MPs have nothing much to do at present, could and should be addressed as a matter of urgency and our outdated laws updated by elected politicians rather than by judges. These are fundamental issues at the root of Britain's security and basic human rights. After a year in which our politicians have been in unprecedented disrepute, here is an opportunity for this parliament to do the right thing and redeem itself a little. I have written to my MP on the issue and she, to her credit, quickly responded to say that she supported the proposed reforms. Everyone should do the same.

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