Saturday, 5 December 2009

England Expects For Some Reason

Oh no! England got a good draw for the World Cup. We have a good team, a top quality, no-nonsense, professional coach, we are playing in a country where it will be winter and so the conditions won't be too hot and our players have had a couple of summers off prior to this tournament.

Here comes the agony of expectation.

It won't be long until those little England flags are flying from cars all around the country. It won't be long until their larger cousins are fluttering from balconies and other vantage points everywhere. The papers will be full of stories of the players, their Wags and every trivial news story and gossip imaginable. They may even push Katie Price out for a while.

England expects, although given past experience it's hard to see why.

The only silver lining of course is that we can expect lots of surly indignation from the Scots about all of the attention being paid to our team. Televisions north of the border will be switched off en masse for a month and they will find a new affiliation with those we have been drawn against or will head off to the pub or golf course where additional revenues will be generated by posters saying that the football will not be shown.

The World Cup is coming and even I'm feeling quite optimistic about it now. And that makes me sick with worry.

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