Saturday, 26 December 2009

A Festive Murder

Apparently there was yet another festive contretemps in EastEnders yesterday drawing 11 million viewers to see someone called Archie get murdered. I have no idea who Archie is except, judging by pictures in the press, he appears to be the actor Larry Lamb who has clearly fallen on hard times. Presumably things are about to get worse because they've just killed him off - possibly at the hands of someone wielding deadly daffodils - it's a long story.

Why do people watch this miserable, badly acted, badly written, far-fetched tripe? It's a serious question. I genuinely don't understand why anyone would want to subject themselves to it, especially at Christmas when there is actually quite a lot of decent programming on offer.

And speaking as someone who dabbles in script writing myself, how is it that this drivel manages to pass muster? More than that, soap writers are extremely well paid. The characterization is dreadful with them changing according to the needs of the story, the dialogue would make Dick Van Dyke blush and the storylines are absurd. And as for the acting, well that's why, almost without exception, soap actors are never heard from again once they leave and try to exploit their new found fame. Oh some of the better looking women do okay for a while. But eventually, as their fleeting fame fades and they have to rely on actual talent, producers suddenly realise that very few of them actually have any.

So if you are one of the 11 million who sat enthralled by this unremitting festival of misery and bad acting please get in touch and try to explain the appeal. I'm genuinely interested.

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