Friday, 11 December 2009

Gordon's Next Job?

I wonder if Gordon Brown has considered going to work for the Met Office once he is kicked out of Downing Street. they could use someone like him to come up with new and ingenious formulations to make the weather statistics tell the story they want them to tell. Their latest formulation, that this decade has been the warmest ever on record is their way of avoiding mentioning that the bloody weather has stopped getting warmer and has in fact been stable since the start of the millennium.

Brown would be proud of that one.

Oh and they make Brown type predictions too. Barbecue summers are rather like Treasury growth or borrowing figures - wishful thinking dressed up as scientifically based forecasting. Now the Met Office is telling us, as they do regularly (presumably on the basis that they're bound to be right eventually) that next year is set to be the warmest on record. This, they tell us, is because of El Nino. So, forgive my unscientific naivety, but that's a natural phenomenon and nothing to do with man-made emissions then. Am I right?

Gordon, there's a job waiting for you. There are figures just waiting to be fiddled. And you're so much better at lying through your teeth about them too.

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