Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Green Meanie Labour

The government, bless their little eco friendly, organic, fair trade cotton socks, has started flinging the climate change denier tag at the Tories. What truly lovely people they are. The trouble is of course that they are thinking up so many nasty names to call David Cameron's gang that Conservatives will soon have nearly as many as Peter Mandelson, the dark prince of spin, First Minister, would be European High Representative, king of the sulks and the minister for everything.

But do Labour really think it is a good idea to align themselves quite so firmly with the Green Meanies in the wake of Climategate? A few Conservative backbenchers and ex ministers have, it is true, asked whether we ought to have a debate on the issue but that isn't exactly being a full on sceptic is it? I wish they were more sceptical but I understand why they aren't, or at least aren't saying so.

Gordon Brown called sceptics flat-earthers the other week, apparently having not noticed that more than half of the population are sceptical or at least unconvinced by the various claims of the Green Meanies. Even the media have had to acknowledge recently that there are a few question marks now where as previously they were buying the debate is over line.

Labour cannot resist throwing any kind of insult at the Tories. Harriet Harperson did it at PMQs today - one of several cheap pre-prepared jibes she flung indiscriminately at William Hague et al. It is of course a sign of things to come. But how many votes do they really think they will win if Gordon does some deal in Copenhagen spending more money we don't have on a problem the majority of British voters think is exaggerated?

Let's add up how much this is going to cost us in extra fuel bills, extra plane taxes etc. Brown's latest wheeze, according to the Independent, is to try and introduce a Tobin tax which he would then pay to the third world. Brilliant! The man has become demob happy it's the only explanation. He's actually proposing that we introduce a tax that will decimate the City of London and then not even use the money raised to reduce our borrowing but give it to various third world countries who will no doubt spend it as usual on large palaces and fleets of Mercedes.

The Tories should be intensely relaxed about being branded deniers. It's an offensive term which makes the name callers look bad and nobody else. But more than that it is out of step with public opinion which may well look askance at the higher energy bills, higher taxes and other Green Meanie measures being proposed for no good reason. Is debating the matter before we commit ourselves too much to ask? Isn't that what a future government should be doing before they further hobble our economy as Brown is proposing to do?

If the government sees this as another dividing line then bring it on. The wheels have fallen off the AGW bandwagon. It's why I haven't bothered writing about the various goings on at the Hot Air Festival. It's an irrelevance. Whatever is agreed will never happen.

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