Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Human Rights and Wrongs

If you want proof that the integration of Human Rights law into our legal system, allied to a judiciary who frequently seem to operate on another planet, it is the case of Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, an Iraqi Kurd who claimed asylum here and proceeded to ignore those laws which he found inconvenient, such as the need to have a driving licence, insurance. He then killed a 12 year old girl and fled the scene.

Now, after marrying here and fathering children, all paid for by us of course, he has won the right to stay here after claiming his right to respect for a family life.

Is it much to ask that those who come to this country respect our laws? Is it much to ask that if they fail to do so that this should trump any notions of their rights?

This whole area of the law has become an appalling mess and needs to be addressed urgently. Ibrahim can ignore one set of laws whilst relying on another set to ensure his behaviour is not adequately punished. He could and should be deported and it is the fault of this government's flawed legislation whilst at the same time imposing all manner of draconian rules and invasions of privacy on the rest of us that is directly to blame. Tough on crime and the causes of crime they said when they came to power. Now we should be tough on them. Their policies are the cause of a great deal of crime and the reason why so many are carrying on regardless.

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