Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I Believe It's Midnight

The Pope is to say midnight mass this year at 10 0 Clock because the poor old codger is getting on a bit and needs his rest. You'd think god would lend a hand wouldn't you. Obviously not.

But surely this is missing a trick anyway. The report in to the appalling abuses of children in Ireland recently revealed that priests who lied to the authorities weren't actually lying so long as they were saying what they were saying with their fingers crossed behind their backs, genuinely believed that what they were doing was for the greater good or some other kind of balls which believers manage to convince themselves of if it suits their purposes - you know like virgin birth, resurrection, holy ghosts, transubstantiation, sharia finance and an omnipotent god who nevertheless needs people to blow themselves up in order to put the world to rights.

So the solution to the Pope's fatigue is obvious. He should tell them that 10 O clock is actually midnight because he really really believes that it is. Or of course he could just have an afternoon nap.

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