Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I Really Want To Like David Cameron, But....Part V

Two or three years ago, in my pre-blogging days, I wrote to the comparatively new leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron. I did so because I wanted to express my view on where he should be taking the party and what sort of policies he should be adopting. It was similar to the sort of thing I write on this blog in fact. And, like this blog, he paid not a blind bit of attention to anything I wrote. I don't mean this as a reproach. I imagine he receives a lot of letters from people presuming to give him advice.

Part of the advice I offered however was that he ought to be a little more circumspect in his enthusiasm for 'tackling climate change' as it was unproven, mostly nonsensical and would unravel over time. It would also, I opined, make him look rather foolish in the years to come - although since the entire media and all major political parties had adopted this faux concern for the future of the planet it ought not have been a major concern.

I do feel a strange sense of vindication now though. Not only has the whole climate change bandwagon become notably damaged by Climategate to the intense, apoplectic fury of the Green Meanies and their media cheerleaders, but the public remain unconvinced. According to a poll for Politics Home, the vast majority of Conservative voters and a majority of all voters regard the subject as a media obsession which has been exaggerated. Furthermore they do not regard it as a major priority for this or a future government. In other words, Mr Cameron, attempts to 'tackle climate change' by taxing us more and charging more for energy are going to be resented by the majority of people you will shortly be asking to vote for you.

So you see, Mr Cameron, I was right. It is this kind of policy adopted by your new look party which makes people suspicious of you, along with silly trips to the north pole with huskies, pointless wind turbines on your house, cycling to work while your brief case goes by car and slogans Vote Blue, Go Green. It makes you look like a PR man rather than a real leader. It makes you look like another spin and focus group obsessed politician with no real principles or sense of vocation.

The Tories should get off the fence on this issue and ask some questions. They can still be agnostic on the science. But shouldn't we sure about it? Shouldn't we be certain that the solutions about to be proposed in the Great Hot Air Festival are actually going to accomplish something rather than just cost us our future wealth and prosperity and condemn the poorest to greater poverty?

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