Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I Really Want To Like David Cameron, But....Part VI

David Cameron thinks that Simon Cowell is 'incredibly talented.' Incredibly talented? There was me thinking that Cowell, though certainly intelligent and articulate (are these incredible talents?) is just a smooth talking chancer who got lucky. Very lucky.

Now presumably Cameron is just stooping to the Gordon Brown trick of talking about someone who is in a very popular TV show to make him look as though he has his finger on the pulse. It's what politicians do I suppose. But this is why I could never be a politician. If asked about Simon Cowell, I would have answered that I never watch his execrable, nasty, manipulative little show and think the man's an arrogant creep.

So let's hope that Cameron is just playing the usual politician's game of trying to be popular. If he really thinks that Cowell is 'incredibly talented' then his first cabinet is not going to be up to much. It might even resemble his shadow cabinet who, with one or two exceptions, are very much Cowell's equal.

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