Monday, 7 December 2009

It's Russia Gate

The UN believes that the Russians were responsible for the hacking of the Climategate e-mails. Achim Steiner of the UN Environment Programme, who is very very angry that his big hot air conference has been potentially sidetracked by the scandal, believes that the media should be concentrating on who hacked the e-mails rather than the content of the e-mails.

Well he would say that wouldn't he. Could he possibly be trying to deflect attention here do you think as the big hot air conference has arrived and he wants that deal to be done?

It's taken the UN two weeks and this is the best they can do apparently. Mr Steiner claims that none of this affects the science which is as classic a case of wishful thinking as you can imagine. It affects the very scientists responsible for the science so how can it be unaffected Mr Steiner? They have been caught out trying to prevent other scientists from accessing their data, preventing other scientists from publishing their work, altering their data so as to eradicate inconvenient data and admitting tacitly that their inability to account for the current cooling is a travesty. Unaffected? You wish.

Steiner added that the gate suffix comes from the original Watergate scandal. That of course concerned a robbery and this is much the same he claims. Investigations should concentrate on that. I'm sure that the Nixon Whitehouse said much the same about Watergate. But, as Deep Throat told Bob Woodward also at the time 'You're missing the overall.' I suspect Mr Steiner would like us to miss the overall picture too.

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