Thursday, 10 December 2009

Lies Revealed

Okay, let's cut through all of the government lies and have a look at what the PBR really means. The redoubtable IFS has done its usual thorough and balanced job of going through the nation's books and as usual the story read out yesterday is unravelling. You can read the IFS report here.

Alistair Darling went on Today this morning and told them that the budgets of non ring-fenced departments will be broadly flat. This was broadly a lie. The cuts will be of the order of 20%.

So they are increasing taxes so that they can spend extra on pensions and benefits as election bribes, keeping spending when they can ill afford it and cutting those other budgets and lying about it. They are passing a law to enshrine a cut in the deficit and still refusing to say how they will do this. How did they think they would get away with this? Did they think we wouldn't notice?

Quite why they are so keen to hide cuts is a mystery. Well no, actually it isn't. It's dividing lines again. Brown doesn't want to admit to cuts because of his ridiculous posturing about investment versus cuts earlier this year. So they are now cutting which they need to do but not cutting enough and even trying to hide what cuts they are making. All because of Brown's petty politics.

If anything the opprobrium poured on them has not been sharp enough. This shabby, cynical government is not fit to rule.

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