Thursday, 17 December 2009

Lord Ashcroft: My Theory

Lord Ashcroft's tax status has been an issue now for years. Various forms of words have been used to assure us that all is above board, the latest being the promise of legislation from the Tories to ensure that all MPs and Peers are UK taxpayers. Labour and the LibDems however, hardly surprisingly, are still using this as a stick with which to beat David Cameron. Clearly Lord Ashcroft has something to hide.

Here's my theory: The Tories are deliberately trying to put this issue off until after the election. This enables them to use Ashcroft's money and expertise on all of those marginal constituencies. And this of course, if truth be known, is the real reason why Labour in particular are attacking him. But why wait until after the election to sort out this matter when it could be resolved so easily? Could it be that Ashcroft intends to ride off into the sunset once the election is won? Could it be that the issue will then be resolved because he will no longer be involved in the House of Lords and in the party in general once he has achieved his aim? That's why this has to be kicked off until after the election and why Cameron is promising the fig leaf solution of legislation. He will indeed implement such legislation whilst waving the noble Lord for marginals off at the airport.

As I say, just a theory. Perhaps I am just becoming overly cynical but it seems plausible to me.

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