Monday, 14 December 2009

Nail These Lying Bastards

As Fraser Nelson points out here, you can only watch in open mouthed astonishment as this government lies and spins and evades its way to the election. Just 4 days ago they delivered a PBR packed with lies, deceit and evasion not to mention one year only bribes (roll up, roll up, get them before the nation is bankrupt) now they have the monumental cheek to talk about Tory cuts and their figures not adding up. Labour wouldn't even talk about their figures. They won't hold a spending review to save having to. It's breathtaking. It's also spectacularly frustrating. Just how stupid do they think we are? Yet take a look at the opinion polls and they may be right.

Brown is still trying to fight this election in the same way that he has fought the last three. It won't work anymore because both parties have no choice but to cut. But the Tories have to take him on just as they took him on over summer when he tried to claim that he wasn't going to cut at all. His present line is not much different and is similarly dishonest and plain stupid. It can easily be nailed.

Conservatives are not cutting through choice. They don't relish being branded nasty again. But they know that failure to do so will mean disaster. The party that is still refusing to even talk about it is Labour and their union pay masters who imagine that public sector workers are operating in a different economy to the rest of us, an economy which will be paid by ever increasing taxes on 'the rich'. It's mind boggling in its crassness and sheer stupidity.

Mr Cameron, stop playing Mr nice guy. Nail these lying, deceitful bastards. They are living a fairy tale and asking us to vote for one. Even if they say they are unwilling to implement cuts - and they are not shy about breaking electoral promises - they will have no choice once they can't sell any more debt and our credit is shot. They will be forced to cut and cut drastically. It's time the nation was told and in no uncertain terms. Gordon Brown is like an out of control gambler staking his credit card (our credit card) on one last throw of the dice. When he fails, the markets are going to cut up that credit card and he will be forced to go to debt counselling with the IMF.

The Conservatives are worried about being painted as the gloomy party. There's no need. They are the realistic party. Labour are the Panglossian party.

We can have a vision for a better tomorrow and Cameron should give us that first. But we can't have it until we stop living beyond our means. Brown and Balls just want to create phoney dividing lines. The only real division is between fantasy and reality.

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