Saturday, 26 December 2009

A Nation of Shoppers

They say that anyone who goes to the gym, jogs or otherwise works out should build into their regime regular days of rest. It's good for you, allows the muscles and metabolism to recover and aids greater fitness over time.

The same seems to be true for shoppers. Yesterday Britain rested from its favourite pastime, settled in front of the tele, ate, drank and relaxed.

But all of the time those pin number punching index fingers were itching, indeed in some cases the turkey was accompanied by shopping cold turkey and so many had to avail themselves of the internet shops to keep themselves warmed up. The muscles were twitching.

Today they were let loose once again for real on the high street as this queue outside a Louis Vuitton shop illustrates. There were bigger and more impressive queues at Birmingham's Bull Ring, some starting at 4 am apparently, but I was damned if I was going to get up that early to take pictures of them. Nevetheless, the sales notices are out and we are out in force. And there is still Sunday and a bank holiday on Monday to come. The hordes are doing what they do best. It's the true meaning of Christmas.

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