Thursday, 3 December 2009

Newsflash: Top Gear Is Just Television

Oh no! It seems I am going to have to re-assess my entire world view. Everything has been turned upside down. I may be about to have an existential crisis.

It seems that (gulp) on Top Gear on Sunday - when James May appeared to be floating over an airport and causing a bit of a crisis - well, this may not have been all that it appeared. In short, those dastardly television producers did not endanger their presenter, an airport and several multi-million pound aircraft. It was all faked for television.

Well blow me down. You could knock me over with a feather. Who would have thought?

But this means I have to rethink everything.

So, does this mean that when the presenters of one of those annoying daytime TV shows turn up at someone's door and knock on it that they are not really meeting the occupants for the first time? Can it be that it is all set up in advance? I've often wondered how they could knock on the door, do all of the greetings and then cut to a camera that was already inside. Now we know.

So, hang on. Does this mean that when a newsreader goes straight to Westminster and to a political reporter, that the reporter is only there to have Westminster as a backdrop and that they could just as easily glean the details by staying in the studio and reading it all off the newswires?

So, wait a minute. Does this mean that Simon Cowell does not necessarily go for the best and most talented singers or performers on his various shows but goes for the ones he thinks will make the best television, the ones with the best back story, the best looks, the best personalities?

I'm going for a lie down.

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