Thursday, 31 December 2009

No Honour

Another New Year's honours list has come out and my name is curiously absent. I mean these days one does not seem to have to do much to get on to it and so frankly my omission seems odd to say the least. I've always thought that Sir Paul Owen has a nice ring to it, and it would be a good way of distinguishing me from all of the other Paul Owens out there whose mentions on Google are clearly confusing you all and driving away my internet traffic. I should get a knighthood just to promote freedom of speech.

Or perhaps it is because I have from time to time expressed sentiments that are of a republican nature and may from time to time have called our royals, who do precisely nothing to earn their titles after all, a bunch of hopeless parasitic nonentities. Yes, that must be the reason.

There is still hope for me however. I may still get the nod even if they worry about what I might say to whatever parasitical royal hands me my gong. After all Francis Rossi, the Status Quo rocker and newly appointed OBE, reacted thus: 'I'm not sure we deserve it but fuck it.' The shades of Buckingham Palace will be thus polluted. Excellent!


None of the above should detract from Patrick Stewart's knighthood which is very well deserved. After all, as Jean Luc Picard he has saved the universe several times.

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