Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Parish Notice

Sorry about the lack of blogging yesterday. This was for two reasons: First I thought it important to have that title about the lying, deceitful, duplicitous bastards who are governing us up there for as long as possible. But secondly I was busy all day away from my computer sorting out various things to do with home, career, money and so on. Life is in the process of changing for your author as will be revealed in the coming weeks.

You may also have noted that I now refer to myself as single and available on my profile all the way down there on the left. I have now finally accepted that Leah and I are never going to happen and that I must look elsewhere for love. Ladies, this is your chance.

I did receive an e-mail earlier today from someone calling herself wethotholes. She seems a nice and outgoing young lady and very broadminded judging from her graphic and even illustrated e-mail. On the downside she too is based in the USA. It's one to wrestle with certainly. She likes that too apparently.

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