Wednesday, 9 December 2009

PMQs 9th December

It doesn't bode well for the PBR this afternoon. Our Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury is unable (still) to count to 20. He is still insisting that Spain is a member of the G20 and refuses, characteristically, to back down. The man is pathologically incapable of admitting a mistake or saying sorry.

Cameron, after his poor performance last week, was being more low key. It was probably a conscious decision. Brown's answers were unconvincing or plain shifty as ever but he isn't being allowed to get into his barn storming stride which served him so well last week. This seemed to disappoint the Prime Minister, who had all of his pre-prepared lines ready for combat on the economy. So he managed to shoe horn them in anyway. Cameron was talking about MPs expenses, and made Brown look shifty so Brown steered in some lines about the economy and public spending including a cheesy line about Cameron talking but saying nothing. It didn't really work and just made him look a little silly. No talk of Eton this week though.

Oh and another reason that this did not bode well for the PBR - Brown believes, or at least says he believes, that the reason borrowing is so high is because of all of the extra spending to ward off the recession. That's the recession we are still in unlike the rest of our comparable economies (not Spain). And that does not account for the deficit anyway. Much of it is structural and the consequence of Brown's profligacy. He has lost control of the public finances and that is why the ratings agencies are threatening us with downgrading. If the deficit were purely down to the recession and would disappear as we emerge from recession, as Brown says it is, then there would not be a problem.

But anyway, on to the main event of the day. Is Brown pulling the strings or is Darling his own man? If we get more of the same kind of obfuscation, wishful thinking and delusion we will know.

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