Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Postponing Awkward Questions

The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War, it's build up and aftermath, has announced that it will question Gordon Brown - but not until after the election. So it will wait until after an election that hasn't been called yet and which may well not take place until May or June. Independent? Fearless seeker after truth under any circumstances?

The inquiry has already been criticized for failure to press certain rather obvious questions with relations to decisions made and dossiers sexed up. But this is the most egregious example of it lack of rigour or backbone. The inquiry, it is said, should not be used for political purposes. Then what exactly is the point of it? Gordon Brown has been accused of sending our troops into a war without the proper funding necessary. The British public might regard that as pertinent during an election campaign to choose our next Prime Minister. Instead we must wait until afterwards, presumably in the hope that it will confirm we made the right choice. Ridiculous, scandalous and sadly typical of this government's attitude to democracy and accountability. After all of that pious talk about the need for change to our politics over the summer this is the true nature of Gordon Brown.

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