Monday, 21 December 2009

Raging Against The Cowell Machine

Do people really care these days about the Christmas Number One? It used to be such a big deal in the days when I used to dream of one day being a Radio One DJ and playing that Top 40. Back then records sold in their millions, the charts were announced on Tuesday lunchtimes as we all gathered around the trannie (that's a transistor radio, children, not what you're thinking) and the festive top slot was the absolute pinnacle.

And we all used to go out at weekends and buy our favourite singles at WH Smith or somewhere similar. Now you don't even have to leave home and it's just computer code rather than a real piece of vinyl with a colourful sleeve. It's not the same somehow.

It all started to go downhill after BandAid to my mind. After that it was always some charity single or Cliff bleeding Richard or Mr Blobby. What happened to those proper Christmas songs like Slade, Wizzard, Mud, Greg Lake, The Pogues and Kirsty McColl, John Lennon and the always out of tune Yoko?

And these last few years we have had the Simon Cowell empire ruling what is left of the chart with his latest one hit wonder. Until today. The backlash has begun. The internet has triumphed. Rage Against The Machine are Number One spraying expletives over the latest pretty boy from the Cowell hit factory. Oh Simon has been magnanimous in defeat, but I bet he's spitting blood. What with all of the snow and this vindictive desire to knock a celebrity down a peg or two, it's making me feel quite Christmassy.

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