Monday, 21 December 2009

Ramona Marquez: Philosopher and Comic Genius

I've not been watching much TV lately and so completely missed that Outnumbered, the brilliant family sitcom I have written about here a few times, won three awards at the British Comedy Awards last week. Quite right too, and richly deserved. More than that, the utterly delightful and adorable Ramona Marquez, who plays Karen, won best female newcomer.

Outnumbered has been a slow burner as far as audiences are concerned. It was dismissed by the critics at first, but then what do they know? I admit that I didn't bother with it when I first saw it advertised. Then, one night, I happened upon it by accident and was transfixed. It won me over immediately. It was clever, original and actually featured child actors who seemed natural by virtue of the fact that they were improvising, an innovation by the writers and directors Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin which, like all great ideas, seems so obvious in retrospect.

Of course the choice of those kids matters too. Frankly the kids should get a writing credit they are that good. Little Ramona in particular had some of the stand out funny lines in television last year when she buried her mouse murdered by Mummy and dismissed the stupidity of Islamic terrorism in a single line.

There's a Christmas special of Outnumbered next weekend. Make sure you don't miss it and if you haven't seen this wonderful series get the DVDs immediately. It's that good.

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