Thursday, 17 December 2009

Snowing On Gordon's Parade

Gordon Brown, as we know, is currently in Copenhagen saving the world once again. What's a superhero to do? The damned world keeps getting itself into trouble and he keeps having to ride to the rescue. He is doing everything in his power, including giving money that has already been promised but which he was hoping nobody would have noticed, and making all kinds of mighty sounding pledges about taxes he will never be able to implement. He is also of course quite prepared to chase Barack Obama through any and all kitchens in order to get a meeting and a photo opportunity. The man is a hero.

But watch out SuperGord. When you fly back into Britain you may need a snowplough. When you come down the steps of the plane and you hold up that agreement proclaiming 'Lots of Carbon Taxes In Our Time,' you might need your Siberian winter gear.

Yes, here in Britain, we are being warned that we face up to 8 inches of snow in the coming days with the odds against a normally highly unlikely White Christmas shortening by the day. I just thought I would mention that. If we were basking in record high temperatures you can be damned sure that the Green Meanies would be shouting about it. Indeed last winter, when we were suffering another very cold and snowy spell, the ridiculous Roger Harrabin of the BBC actually put together a report telling us how much worse it would all have been had it not been for global warming. Nice one, Rog. We'll look forward to this year's excuses.

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