Friday, 18 December 2009

Waking Up To Wogan For The Last Time

A large part of the nation will wake up to a blanket of snow this morning and will wonder what awaits it on the slow struggle to work; at the same time, and for the last time, they will Wake Up To Wogan, a radio show which made millions of journeys that bit more enjoyable and which sent up the very failings we will suffer once again today. It was like a national pressure valve. Laughing at ourselves is without doubt what the British do best.

Now Terry is riding into what I suppose is really the sunrise.

The enduring appeal of Terry is not hard to identify. He is a man whose gentle wit and refusal to take himself too seriously appeals to the British character. His humour is typically British. He pokes fun at the pompous or plain silly but in a way that is unlikely ever to cause offence. Long before interactivity became a broadcasting buzzword, Terry started a conversation with his audience, a conversation of whimsy and mutual mickey taking which was to last 17 years and that's just on this his second stint.

He's right to quit now. Always leave them wanting more. His place in the broadcasting hall of fame was secured many years ago.

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