Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Who Is Renee Wetherspoon?

I didn't see PMQs today. I wish I had now. Apparently our great if rather confused leader, after failing to come up with convincing answers to questions about why we alone amongst G20 countries are still in recession (he generously gave Spain membership so as to refute that) and trotting out a line about Tory toffs when it was pointed out that his government is committed to raising inheritance tax allowances, then paid tribute to someone called Renee Wetherspoon.

Confused? He certainly is.

The person he was in fact trying to pay tribute to is the actress Reece Witherspoon who was visiting Parliament campaigning about domestic violence. Still, like his newly created G21 and hilarious lines about those evil Tory toffs, Gordon knows what he's talking about.

And actually I like the sound of Renee Wetherspoon. Is it just me or does she sound like the landlady of a good old fashioned British pub in which they serve real ale and eschew loud music? It would probably be a seaside pub - somewhere overlooking Obama beach.

The consensus across the blogosphere however is that, by and large and notwithstanding his various gaffes and spoonerisms, Brown came out on top. Cameron has been pretty lacklustre since we came back from the recess. Is it nerves? Are the opinion polls getting to him?

I do rather fear that Cameron and the Tories are in danger of letting this hopeless and incompetent government off the hook by being too cautious and, given the state of the nation's finances and Brown's denial of that state, that is dangerous for us all. All that has happened is that Labour have had a few weeks without a major gaffe or scandal involving Brown and so they have come back in the polls. But it takes a special kind of incompetence on the part of the Tories to let them back. Brown, to be fair to him, is coming out fighting. Why isn't Cameron doing the same?

I shall return to this subject tomorrow.


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