Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Words That Only Journos Use: Part 1

And now the first part of an occasional series about the words which are only ever used by journalists rather than those of us in the real world.

Today: Revellers. As in 'New Year Revellers will face sub zero temperatures as they see in 2010.'

Does anyone ever use this word in normal parlance? Have you ever gone to a party and turned to your partner saying: 'I wonder how many revellers will be there tonight,' or 'gosh, this party is severely lacking in revellers, it's really rather dull,' or 'I don't feel much like being a reveller tonight, if you want me I'll be in the kitchen,' or 'look at all of these revellers, thank god for global warming or else we would all have had to stay home.'

Revellers, a word created for use exclusively by the media.

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