Monday, 21 December 2009

Wrong Sort Of Weather

It's embarrassing isn't it. Last week (and maybe this week too) it was British Airways and their cabin crew determined to be the party poopers of the season by denying a million people their festive fun. Now this week, owing to the wrong sort of weather, those letting the train take the strain are sitting around and wishing they had flown.

The problems at Eurostar, we are told, are down to trains going from very cold weather into the warmer confines of the tunnel and the melting snow dripping and shorting out the electrics. Now I know we are said to be in a warmer climate these days but I'm pretty sure that this cannot be the first time that we have had weather this cold. So something basic and seemingly prosaic has gone wrong.

Perhaps it is just down to the fact that winter has come early and Eurostar has been caught unawares. Blame the Green Meanies that's what I say. If they didn't keep telling us we were getting warmer the engineers would have been on the lookout for ice in winter. For once we really can blame this all on climate change. It's just that this time it hasn't changed enough.

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