Thursday, 1 September 2016

Labour Has Only Weeks to Live

We're back after the summer and it is as if we have never been away. To nobody's great surprise a poll yesterday for The Times revealed that Chauncey is going to win another landslide victory in his leadership election.

So what happens next? Well there is much talk of a schism, perhaps even one of 1980s proportions. 

Personally I doubt it. We know this because this is Labour we are talking about. They have a peculiar aversion to being brave and principled when it comes to their own careers. We had a vast field of candidates last year when Chauncey first won. But that was because the leader had resigned. The same happened in 2010 when Labour elected Wallace. But, despite their thinking that both Wallace and Chauncey are useless electoral liabilities and indeed Gordon Brown before both of them, Labour does not mount coups against leaders. Okay they did against Tony Blair, but to be fair he had won them three general elections and forced them to accept compromise and message discipline. 

And so the chances are that the cowards who failed to put themselves forward this time will continue muttering in the background. Some might even do a Sarah Champion or Andy Burnham and actually agree to serve the old fool in his currently depleted shadow cabinet. Indeed it is whispered that some are secretly hoping that Theresa May does their job for them and calls an early general election. 

Even then it's not clear their problem would be resolved unless of course they were to lose their seats anyway. Because can we be at all confident that Chauncey would stand down even under those circumstances? Lose a general election by a landslide? So what? He would still have his own troops cheering him to the rafters and alleging some kind of conspiracy of the mainstream media and returning officers. If only the country had had the chance of five full years of Chauncey's inspiring message of resolving international disputes by means of a combination of NATO dissolution, arbitration and nuclear disarmament they will tell themselves. They will tell themselves this having apparently not noticed that a recent opinion poll had Chauncey in third place behind Theresa May and Don't Know. I kid you not.  

Speaking of the nuclear option, this blog has been recommending for some time now that Labour MPs simply mount their own coup against their leader and withdraw their support for him in parliament thus meaning he would be leader of his party but no longer Leader of the Opposition. This has never happened before in our parliamentary system and it would create a real constitutional conundrum. But even that is unlikely to happen. In short they might as well never have bothered with this election. It was always a waste of time. If any of them thought otherwise they would have put someone up who was more credible than a no hoper called Owen Smith. Labour does have a few names who are capable of beating Chauncey. Soon there will be none, Labour will be dead and a fundamental realignment of British politics will be underway, the likes of which we have not seen since Labour rose to replace the Liberal Party nearly a century ago. 

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