Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Bible: A Very Grim Fairytale - Leviticus: Chapter 2: Bread for the Lord

Leviticus is about rules. It is supposed to be the word of God, delivered to Moses about what he wants in return for his protection and for the Israelites most favoured status.

We should note once again, that there is ten times more detail here about how God wants his tent of worship made and furnished and how his burnt offerings and other oblations should be offered to God (who has a hearty appetite) than he spent on all of that morality stuff in Exodus. You know, the Ten Commandments. Why mess about telling people that they must not kill or commit adultery when you can devote your time to specifying how you want your meat slaughtered and bread baked? 

Chapter 2 is all about how God wants his biscuits made. 

God wanted offerings of meat as we have already seen. But he also wanted regular offerings of a special kind of bread made with frankincense. This, conveniently, would also have been eaten by the priests. They eat very well do the priests. Oh and by the way, frankincense, when cooked in the way specified, has certain hallucinogenic qualities. 

God was very specific about how he wanted his bread baked. It was like a recipe book handed down from God to Moses. Like the great biblical bake off. The bread of course was not to contain yeast. God really hates yeast. He likes his bread flat. 

All of this had to be taken to the altar by the priests and offered unto the Lord we are told. This was supposed to be the bargain that the chosen people made. God had given them their lands and had made them bountiful. This was the price they paid, a percentage for the Lord and for his hard working priests, the children of Aaron. 

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