Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Meaning of Life on Europa

NASA is going to make a big announcement on Monday about Europa, one of Jupiter's moons and a subject of great scientific interest because it is icy and thus a potential home to life.

Sadly, NASA say that they are not going to tell us that they have found space aliens. Presumably that would be quite hard to spot with a telescope.

Having said that if you were on Europa and pointed a telescope at Earth you would quite clearly be able to spot that the Labour Party here in the UK is about to reappoint a half wit with all of the credibility of a socialist dictator left in a mausoleum for 60 years and who cannot even answer a question about a biscuit without being sanctimonious.

Not that we can crow. America may be on the cusp of electing a serial liar with a personality disorder so big it could be seen from space or indeed from an icy moon of Jupiter. Even from Europa you would be able to tell that his continued refusal to release his tax returns is suggestive of a man so arrogant as to be dangerous and who uses elaborate ruses to pay no tax. Other revelations this week show that he uses charitable donations sent in by other people to his charitable foundation to pay his debts. His tax returns would likely show that he is not at all rich. Without the money from Russian gangsters posing as statesmen, he would likely have been bankrupt years ago. His presidential run is just a way of distracting from his dodgy business.

But all of this is to digress. The press conference will be held Monday afternoon at 2pm EDT. That's 7pm UK time. They say they have found something very interesting. Not ET, but possibly something suggestive of the possibility of ET. For those who are confused, Europa is not what Britain has recently voted to leave. NASA will not be announcing that we have invoked article 50.

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