Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Well that was embarrassing wasn't it. Trump, the champion of bragging, invoked Sean Hannity as a character reference and told the world that he has a better temperament than Clinton. This coming from the man who abused the grieving parents of a dead serviceman and told the mother of a crying baby to get out of the room.  It was a claim, needless to say, that brought guffaws from the audience.

Hillary had a few sticky moments over her emails, but that was the worst of it as she might have expected. Early on Trump tried his trick of trying to talk over her and bully her, but she was having none of it and it just made him look like the low rent car salesman that he really ought to be. His taxes came up of course and his rambling answer on that was revealing. He even repeated the line about them being audited, something that the IRS itself has refuted. As usual the quiff with the little hands said that he will be happy to release his tax return and will do so if she releases those emails. He also said, revealingly, that he is only not releasing them on the advice of his lawyers. So that means he could in fact release them doesn't it. So why doesn't he? Lawyers don't get to dictate to the great Donald surely? So that was two admissions that he is not releasing his tax returns because he chooses not to, not because he cannot.

And then there was the whole birther argument. Once again Trump tried to deflect the blame for this and only made himself look ridiculous and dishonest. Had he adopted the approach of his opponent over her emails and simply apologised and moved on he would have looked gracious and almost presidential. He just doesn't have it in him.

I would score it as a pretty clear win for Clinton, even if she did insist on being called Secretary Clinton.

Trump was every bit the frat boy who refuses to grow up that we have always known he is. Most questions were deflected, most of them involved him bragging about how great he is, how clever, how rich, how he has businesses in all of the towns that were being mentioned. He came across as an oaf. More than that he was an oaf with a pronounced sniff. It was ultra-noticeable. Maybe he has pneumonia.

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