Thursday, 15 September 2016

Were The City Airport 'Black Lives Matter' Protesters Guilty of Cultural Appropriation?

So, as you will be aware, last week there was a protest at London City Airport that brought the airport to a standstill for several hours while the police negotiated with a bunch of middle class professional protesters. Instead of simply wrestling them away and possibly tasering them if they resisted, they were indulged.

They claimed to be protesting for Black Lives Matter, a protest movement that has spread, entirely gratuitously, to this country. As was also noted at the time and yesterday when they appeared in court, none of these protesters are actually black. As a black friend of mine said: 'not in my name.'

But this brings a thought to mind: are they guilty, these white middle class wankers, of cultural appropriation? They claimed to be protesting about climate change and its alleged disproportionate impact on black people. This is wilfully mendacious, specious nonsense. And they know it. But even if it were true, how would they know?

The real reason they were protesting, as we all know, is because they like protesting and had to think of an excuse to do so.  They chose City Airport because a) it is easier to break into but b) because it is frequented by wealthy people who work in the City. So this was just the Occupy movement by another name. Why the judge didn't lock them up is a mystery. It would have been good for them. They could have met a lot of underprivileged people and maybe learnt a thing or two.

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