Friday, 7 October 2016

Diane Abbott - Rising Without Trace

You know we may be laughing at the state of US politics at the moment, but do we have cause to be that smug. Nigel Farage is back once again after having resigned twice because his successor resigned because she was spat at and never got around to filling in the forms to succeed him. The man favourite to succeed him, who failed to put his papers to be in the election in time has been punched by a rival and ended up in hospital.

Meanwhile the Labour Party is having a reshuffle. So replete with talent are they that Diane Abbott has been promoted to Shadow Home Secretary and Shami Chakrabarti, newly ennobled having mysteriously cleared Labour of anti-Semitism despite the fact it is clearly on view all the time and even at last week's party conference, is now Baroness Chakrabarti and Shadow Attorney General.

Meanwhile the Conservative Party is united behind a prime minister who is taking us out of Europe and seems to be heading for hard Brexit. And we're building a wall in Calais. Donald, eat your heart out.

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