Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Donald's Blame Game

It has taken its time but it seems that finally the unforgiving light being projected at him by the presidential campaign is causing the Trump campaign real damage. It is retreating into its comfort zone of friendly media organisations and interviewers, of rallies where even then they have to exaggerate the number of participants and of insulting anyone and everyone who criticises him or asks awkward questions.

Trump is a man who could not be easier to parody or to ridicule. The best part is that he becomes so furious when he is parodied and ridiculed making those doing the ridiculing only more keen to do so. His reaction to Alec Baldwin's impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live is a classic of the type. The vanity and narcissism of the man means he still refuses to see himself the way the rest of us see him: as an ignoramus, a bigot, a liar, a preening, bullying, nasty, uber troll. He is the losers loser. That is what makes his campaign so tragic. There is real anger out there, there is real fury at the state of politics. Yet the focus for that fury is this inadequate, feckless imbecile. And he still cannot see it.

The man doesn't know when to quit. The polls are telling the story of an imploding campaign, of a campaign that is now looking increasingly in danger of losing states that ought not to be losable. He is not just losing in the swing states now, he is in danger of losing in states he should not be having to campaign in.

And so what does he do? He does what Donald always does. He blames others. It's not that he has a history of being misogynistic, abusive, bullying and obnoxious and this is coming back to bite him. Oh no. It's the fault of the media and of 'crooked Hillary.' It's the fault of his Republican allies. It's the fault of those women all of whom are telling lies about him even though he was caught on tape boasting about how he assaults women with impunity. It's the fault of the establishment. It's the fault of the entire democratic system that is going to defraud him.

And the best part about all of this? It's that the ultimate example of hubris may have its ultimate hubristic denouement. Many of us have advanced the theory that Trump's venture into the world of politics was in part to do with his love of the sound of his own voice but also of his recognition that no publicity is bad publicity. He may be about to disprove that particular cliche.

It's said that many of Trump's hotels are like ghost towns and staff are having to pose as customers to make them look busier than they really are. I would never have set foot in one of his gaudy palaces of bad taste and bling anyway, but many saw them as being strangely desirable. No more it would seem. Could it be that the bankruptcy king may soon be heading for chapter 11 once again, this time terminally?

The Trump empire, such as it is, is based on borrowing and other peoples' money. A lot of that money is now sourced from abroad so far as we can tell, probably much of it from dodgy investors in Russia, hence Donald's reluctance to criticise anything about Vladimir Putin or his country. But no matter how many investors Trump may ingratiate himself with, no matter how much bluster and bravado he may display, they will be able to see for themselves how ruined the Trump brand will now be.

This is a presidential campaign that is heading for much deserved bankruptcy. Could it be that Trump himself is heading that way too? Will he end up exposed as the sham we always suspected him of being? I'm willing to bet a substantial sum that the whole Trump Ponzi scheme will unravel within months of him not very graciously conceding defeat next month. It's possible that this whole campaign was created as a way of distracting us from the fragility of this house of cards. The House of Trump may be about to totter and fall once and for all in a free for all of bankruptcies and lawsuits. As Trump himself would describe it: it's going to be beautiful.

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