Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Dump Trump

Are there more revelations coming about Donald Trump? You'd better believe there are. The man is a sleaze, we all know that. He looks and sounds like a sleaze. He is like a privileged rich frat boy who never grew up. When he says that his celebrity and fame mean he can grab a woman by the pussy and that there will be no consequences against him then he is doing exactly what a slew of celebrities in this country have done. The difference is that many of them have now been prosecuted or their reputations traduced. Think Stuart Hall. Think Jimmy Savile.

What Trump admitted to doing, bragged about doing in fact, was a sex crime. It was a form of sexual deviancy. It was not locker room banter, it was the bragging of a serial bully who does things because he thinks that he will always get away with them.

Like many men I have been in locker rooms, or changing rooms as we call them here. Yes girls or women may come into the conversation. But never once have I heard even some of my more neanderthal friends claim that they can commit sexual assault with impunity. They may have talked about women from time to time in vulgar and offensive terms. But talking about actually assaulting them? I think not. Most of the time, when in a changing room before or after, you know, we go and play football or the sport of choice, we talk about .....sport. Or cars. Or jobs. Or whose round it is. We will often ridicule the sporting performance of one of our brethren. Sexual assault? No.

And Trump dismisses it all as locker room talk. But he wasn't in a locker room. He was on a bus. With a microphone attached to him. This is a man who wants to be America's commander in chief. Imagine what he will do in the Oval Office. Imagine what he will do if he meets a woman prime minister or president. He'll either dismiss her as a minger, grab somewhere he shouldn't or tell her to lose 60 pounds before he'll having anything to do with her.

Oh and Trump is also a rapist. There is actual testimony to this effect from his ex wife Ivana, although a deal was done as part of the divorce to hush that up. Is that what he talks about in his locker room banter?

Now new stories are starting to emerge of other sexual violence by the would be President of the United States. No wonder he wants to bring in new laws to silence the media.

So this is a man who has admitted, on tape, to sexual assault and that he can get away with it because he is rich and famous. This is a man who is currently being accused by a woman of rape. She was only 13 years old at the time of the alleged assault.

It is time for the Republican Party to withdraw their support for this man. They need not only to distance themselves but to actually pull the support of the party. That means all ground operations and it means all other candidates regarding him as their leader. This is a man who should not be a candidate in this election. This is a man who would be impeached within weeks of his election in the unfortunate and unlikely event of that actually happening.

This is damage limitation time for the GOP. They need to say, loud and clear, not in our names. This man is on his own.

He cannot be removed as candidate. He would have to resign. The only way to force him to do that is to withdraw all support, both logistical and moral. More is going to emerge about Donald Trump. More corruption, more immorality, more amorality, probably even outright criminality. He could even wind up in jail. This is not a man anyone should want to be associated with. The party should now be saying do not vote for this man. Hold your nose and vote for Hillary or simply abstain. But vote for your local Republican candidate for Congress to keep Hillary in check. Donald Trump is not fit to be president. He is barely fit to talk about it.

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