Thursday, 13 October 2016

Jess Ennis Retires

Congratulations to the lovely Jessica Ennis-Hill who has decided to retire at the top. She came so close to repeating her gold medal performance at London in Rio this summer and has been at the top of her sport for years. Prior to this year's Olympics she defied all expectation by becoming world champion again. Some of her individual events in the Heptathlon would have been good enough for a medal had she competed in those events. She was and is a remarkable athlete and of course the poster girl for British athletics in 2012. She was the face of British athletics. She has fully deserved the success and popularity she has enjoyed since her feats in London.

Goodbye then, Jess. Let's hope we now see you forge a new career, perhaps in the media. But enjoy your retirement and spend time with your husband and son. You deserve it.

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