Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Royal Yacht? Here Are Some Better Ideas

There are a number of halfwits, more or less all of them Tories I'm ashamed to admit, who are advocating that we bring back the Royal Yacht Britannia. Quite why is a mystery. The excuse is that this will somehow help with our winning trade and doing deals once we are out of the EU. You have to wonder that these people are allowed anywhere near government.

There are some also arguing that we should use part of the Overseas Development budget for this. Now here they are on stronger ground.

But why spend the money on a floating gin palace? Why not spend it on the Royal Navy for instance? Or the Air Force? Or the Army? These are real examples of British power that can be seen around the world and that spread our influence. The British Army rode to the rescue when the Ebola crisis was at its worst. The Navy is still to this day helping out in the Mediterranean as people nearly drown trying to reach Europe. The Air Force is in the Baltic states helping to deter Vlad the Botoxed from invading.

Overseas Development is the greatest example of Cameroonian idiocy we have seen and should be abandoned immediately. It is absurd to set arbitrary limits on how much we should spend year on year on aid. How can we know what will be needed before it is needed? Let the department make proposals and then let parliament decide if it is appropriate.

Defence on the other hand is something that needs long term planning. The money being frittered away on aid and often wasted would be much better spend on our pared down forces.

And even if there were a case for some large vessel to project British power around the world, isn't a large floating palace a bit 19th century? Why not a British Air Force One? It could be used by royalty and ministers alike. It could be bedecked in union flags. It would be a source of pride. Why not bring Concorde out of retirement?

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