Friday, 21 October 2016

The Virtue Signalling Refugee Crisis

I was in my local corner shop the other day.  Ahead of me in the queue to be served was a girl or possibly a young woman - I am not a dentist and so was unable to tell. The girl/ young woman wished to buy some alcohol. She was asked for ID. At this point a large woman wearing dungarees muscled in and told the shopkeeper in no uncertain terms that this request was unconscionable and that there was probably some kind of offence against human rights or The Guardian or something like that.

This of course did not happen. The rights of young people to purchase alcohol are never championed by self righteous lefties. They are far to busy championing the rights of men, many of them not even young ones, to enter a country and get lots of free stuff to which they are not entitled under false pretences.

But how can we check if the men are young? Other than by wondering out loud if a full beard and crows feet are compatible with the age of 14? Well apparently dental checks are one way.

Yet this is apparently also unconconscionable. I must confess that I don't understand why. Someone is claiming refugee status in this country, even though they are already in a safe country, on the grounds that they are below a certain age. They have no supporting documentation for their claim. And so a check that they cannot beat by lies, evasions or destruction of documents seems to be rather sensible does it not?

Apparently not. This is akin to the Nazis we are told by no less a figure than Stella Creasy MP, a one time dungaree wearer and permanent wearer of full sanctimonious outrage. And yet it turns out that exactly the same measure was considered by Labour when in power, something now confirmed with admirable honesty by Jack Straw.

The newspapers are outraged that yet again the British are being taken for a ride by the perfidious French who of course have rules about this sort of thing meaning that we cannot perform checks despite their ignoring rules about these refugees when it suits them - as it so frequently does. The Sun newspaper published a picture of a claimant for refugee status who was clearly a grown man. This, a charity smugly and condescendingly informed them, had actually been an interpreter. Various Twitter celebs and other bandwagon jumping virtue signallers piled in to express their outrage. Except it wasn't. The man claiming to be a child had indeed been a supposed refugee.

As usual the Home Office, instead of doing its job properly and actually defending our borders properly and resolutely, is kowtowing to the legions of Twitter and the sob fest about their supposed desperation. And yet dental checks would solve the problem, that along with a few phone calls ascertaining where the relatives of these kids are and why they were abandoned in to fend for themselves in the first place if they have relatives here.

The vast majority of this army of the supposedly desperate are young men. They are mostly also economic migrants. They are not refugees at all in other words. The virtue signallers thought they had won a victory this week when the Government caved in. Instead there is public uproar and a lot of people are wondering what in God's name is wrong with dental checks.

The whole situation is a farce. But it is a farce because we allow it to be a farce. We are victims of our own stupidity and of government by Twitter. If there are children, proper children, in that camp then that is clearly something of concern. For the French who allowed this to happen and for the charities who watched it happen. Britain is not the cause of this. The cause of it is the kind of bien pensant sanctimony we have seen this week. People keep pouring across the Mediterranean and queueing up at Calais precisely because of the sort of people who thought it outrageous to ask for some proof before allowing someone claiming to be a child into this country. Fortunately their own absurd reaction to this harmless idea has exposed them for the half wits they are.

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