Thursday, 20 October 2016

Trump Did Not Win - He Just Failed to be Disastrous

Many are saying this morning that Trump won the third and final presidential debate. He didn't. You don't win just because you didn't perform so appallingly as in the previous three debates.

Certainly he was calmer and didn't fall for the traps. He did score some hits against Clinton too. But all of this illustrates is that this was for the Republicans to lose. They are up against a woman who is smug, has an epic sense of entitlement and simply does not perform as well on these stages as she should. Add to that her failings and failures like the email scandal and her reset policy with Putin to name but a couple and she ought to be more beatable than any candidate the Democrats have put up in living memory.

But this is Trump. Even on best behaviour he would not acknowledge that the result of the election must be respected. He seemed to be saying that Clinton has no right to be standing. He was childish and petulant. When she called him Putin's puppet he blurted out 'you're the puppet.' When she made a quip about his serial tax avoidance he called her a nasty woman. He might as well have also said nyahh nyahh nyahh, stuck out his tongue and told her she smells.

Trump has a sense of entitlement that would make 16th royalty seem diffident. He is arrogant, disdainful and disrespectful of others. He seems to find it difficult or impossible to imagine that anyone thinks he is anything but admirable. If they do then they are evil, deranged or nasty. He refuses to accept advice and dismisses the clear opinion of experts that Russia is responsible for hacking and attempting to influence the American election. That is practically a declaration of war. It's certainly a declaration of cold war. Trump just shrugs his shoulders and sounds admiring of Putin the dictator and mass murderer. When challenged on Putin last night he simultaneously claimed not to know Putin while saying that he knew for a fact that Putin has no respect for Clinton.

Therein lies the problem for Trump. He suffers from what Churchill once called terminal inexactitude syndrome. But more than that his use of language is as lax as his approach to customer and investor relations. He uses phases like 'I know for a fact,' or 'I guarantee you.' He means nothing of the sort. But this is a man whose word has generally meant nothing anyway. A promise from Trump isn't worth the air he expelled making it. Does such a man deserve to be in charge of the destinies of 300 million people and a major influence on the lives of all of us?

The American people face an invidious choice at this election. But Clinton is the most experienced, the most mature, the most likely to not cause world war 3. Clinton may well pleasantly surprise us in office. More likely she will just be as disappointing as Obama has been. Trump on the other hand would be a disaster, would likely cause a recession or a depression and possibly even war. He is temperamentally unsuited to the highest office and is crooked, dishonest and downright contemptible. His campaign has been a disaster. Think how he would perform if handed the powers of the presidency. He would be clueless and dangerous.

It's only 3 weeks to go now. The world is on tenterhooks. Do the right thing America.

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