Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Leave Harry and Meghan Alone

While we await the election results I feel compelled to write this.

You won't often see anything complimentary or approving about our royal family on this blog for the very good reason that I think they are a bunch of grasping nonentities who should be consigned to the dustbin of history. But I applaud the statement issued yesterday by Prince Harry with regard to his new girlfriend, the actress Meghan Markle.

Now I have not paid much attention to this story for all of the reasons given above and because it simply does not interest me. I cannot understand why anyone cares. Yet it seems that people do, they have a prurient interest in the love life of the prince for reasons that elude and baffle me.

It seems however that, as is the way with these things, this has given rise to a market for stories about Ms Markle and thus journalists and photographers overstepping the line in their pursuit of information about a woman who has done nothing more than dated for a few months someone who is famous and eligible. Reportedly they have been harassing her and her family, trying to gain access to the family home illegally and attempting to bribe family members and former boyfriends to dish the dirt.

And then there are the trolls. Ms Markle has been on the receiving end of abuse because she is dating the prince. This is down to simple jealousy for the most part, but also down to racism since she is of mixed race.

Prince Harry is to applauded for his statement and for his robust attitude to his private life. Idle curiosity about this relationship is one thing. Invasion of privacy is quite another. As for the trolls, well they are a sad feature of modern life about which we can do little.

I wish the prince and his new girlfriend well. Much as I loathe the institution of monarchy I wish none of them ill. Anyone who enters into the madness of royalty does so knowing that their lives will not be their own. Some manage the transition with great grace and dignity like Kate Middleton, who is more regal than many members of the family who were born into it, thus giving the lie for the need to have royalty at all. Others struggle with it as did the prince's own mother. Either way the behaviour of the press is disgusting and contemptible. Leave them alone.

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