Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Too Close To Call

Just coming up to 3 am UK time, 10pm in the States and things are looking an awful lot tighter than anyone imagined just a few short hours ago. The experts have been confounded yet again as have the polls. We all knew this election was going to be tight and then got swayed by those last minute polls and by the huge turnout. This may have been a uniquely bad tempered, belligerent, disreputable election campaign, but it has motivated and galvanised the American people to get out and vote.

Many of the battleground states as I write this are simply too close to call. Could it be that we may not even have a result at the end of the night? Could we be looking at a 2000 type scenario again. That is the last thing that America and the wider worlds needs. Stock markets will tank. But it is looking like an increasingly likely scenario.

As things stand Trump is doing better than expected, but it is tight and too close to call. This is going to be a result much tighter than expected. Thus we are looking at an election with no clear winner either way, regardless of who actually emerges with enough electoral college votes.

It seems that the country simply cannot decide between these two patently bad candidates. In their own separate ways they are both unfit for the presidency. How did America get to the point that these two were the last two standing? Faced with an invidious choice America cannot decide. And who can blame it?

We should of course remember that American elections are often like this. This is not unique in that respect. The difference is what is at stake. Is American to be governed by a man patently unfit to be president and who might make the world unstable and plunge his country and with it the world into recession and depression? That is looking possible at this moment. It is a terrifying prospect.

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