Tuesday, 27 December 2016

George Michael

George Michael, whatever his personal foibles and weaknesses, was undoubtedly one of the greatest musical talents this country, which is replete with them, has ever produced.

Michael went from a pop star churning out his formulaic if catchy hits to a genuinely interesting and thoughtful artist. Some of it was pretentious and self absorbed it is true, but even when this was true, such as on the album Listen Without Prejudice, he produced such soulful, superb songs it was easy to forgive. At it's best Michael's songwriting when allied to an exceptional voice made him an icon of the 80s and 90s and a figure every bit as important as the other music greats we lost in 2016.

His music deserves to be explored and listened to anew. In recent years the scandals and the self indulgence detracted from that. It is the music we will remember. I'm sure he would see that as an epitaph to be proud of.

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