Friday, 23 December 2016

Labour's Temporal Causality Loop Leads to Annihilation

I don't want to come over all Tom Harris, the very personable and genuinely nice and normal former Labour MP who had the good sense to get out of parliament before the Chauncey terror. But I was watching an old episode of Star Trek: TNG last night. One of the best ones, it concerns a temporal causality loop in which the Enterprise gets caught in a recurring time loop in which the same events keep repeating themselves over and over again. Over time the crew start to experience deja vu type feelings and start to figure out what is happening to them. But should they start second guessing their decisions? What should they do? Is this what they did before dooming them to endless repetitions, or should they find a way to send a message back through time to tell themselves what to do.

Now if this were the good ship Labour then there would be an obvious course of action. For God's sake don't play fair. Don't nominate Chauncey for the party leadership. You just won't believe what happens if you do.

The trouble is that, such is the tendency of Labour to shoot itself in the foot, they probably wouldn't do the right thing even then. Nominating Chauncey was the ultimate example of virtue signalling causing terrible consequences. Or at least it was until Angela Merkel invited the waifs, strays and terrorists of the world to please come and accept her country's hospitality and sexually abuse its women for the sin of wearing tight fitting clothing.

The crew of the Enterprise got themselves out of this predicament by figuring out what not to do and then doing the opposite. Labour do not have that luxury. But they are, in a way, living out this paradox. Imagine what would have happened had Tony Benn prevailed over Denis Healey all of those years ago. Or had Gordon Brown told his friend Tony to mind his manners and got his friend Tom to enforce his will a few years earlier. Or had Gordon Brown called that election. It's enough to drive you mad.

Anywhere we are where we are. We are not in a causality loop.

This is the very real 21st century, Chauncey really is in charge in a very real and legally binding (Monty Python, not Star Trek) way and there is nothing whatever that anyone can do about it. Labour tried and failed to unseat him and actually managed to nominate someone even more inconspicuous and anonymous and yet conspicuously useless in the form of Owen Smith. Chauncey is going all the way to 2020 and after that one of his lieutenants will take over.

In other words Labour is doomed. Don't bet on there being a causality loop causing 20/20 vision to Labour's legions of halfwits. They want a pure party, a party that stands on its principles. The electorate be damned.

We don't even need a Star Trek style epiphany to reveal the truth to us. We just need to look to Scotland. We just need to look to America.

But the problem is greater even than this. The problem with Labour is not just that it is useless now, it is that it has been useless for quite some time. They have been talking to themselves and cutting themselves off from the very people they were elected to represent and defend. Chauncey considers himself to be a representative of the working man. In truth he is a representative of a north London enclave of wealthy, privileged and utterly adrift London machine politicians who may not all look or sound like Chauncey but might as well do. They have no clue what the rest of the country is thinking and would condemn it if they did. They exist in their own echo chamber of so called progressivism, which is every bit as arrogant and cut off from reality as it sounds. Want to know how we got to a place in which gay marriage, transexual rights and the rights of ethnic minorities but not of ethnic minority women came to be the siren calls of Labour? Just look to the modern Labour Party, talking amongst themselves, in the end talking only to themselves and ultimately representing only themselves. They take for granted that they talk for the working man. They take for granted their safe constituencies. But then look what happened in Scotland.

The problem for Labour is that this is not something confined to the loony left, it goes across the entire party. Sure, Chauncey and co refuse to accept that there is anything wrong with immigration and consider it beyond the pale to criticise a strike that is conspicuously political and nothing whatever to do with safety or jobs. But the former of these positions was one espoused by Labour until very recently and still is if they are being honest. The only reason that New Labour didn't get into all kinds of industrial strife was that there was plenty of money around in those days, money they squandered and ended up having nothing to show for. The whole of the Labour Party, no matter what wing, is signed up to the notion that the NHS can do no wrong, that immigration is always a good thing in its own right, that public is always better than private whatever lip service they pay and that spending ever more on public services is all to the good. Labour under Blair/Brown increased taxes hugely, they just had the wit to do it by stealth. Labour is not so very different now than it was then whatever it suits them to now pretend.

Jamie Reed, the Labour MP, quit this week because he had a better offer. He has seen the writing on the wall of Labour. But Jamie Reed, or even the estimable Tom Harris, could not save the good ship Labour even if they could erase the last two years by sending a signal to an android (Trekkies know what I'm talking about). Labour doesn't know what it stands for anymore. It doesn't under Chauncey, it didn't under Wallace, but it didn't either under Brown or even under Blair towards the end. They just assumed that they were on the right side. This last year has demonstrated that they definitively are not. Labour won't cease to exist during 2017. But it will come close. And it is only a matter of time until it does. And no amount of time travel or resigning MPs is going to change that.

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