Thursday, 19 January 2017

Quick Give Verhofstadt a Boris Free Safe Space

Why are people making a fuss about Boris Johnson's remark about President Hollande and the punishment beating of Britain for escaping the clutches of the European Union? As ever in these snowflake times, people are claiming to be offended just because it either suits them to be offended or because they think they ought to be. I would have had more respect for the likes of Tim Farron or Emily Thornberry had they shrugged and said so what? about the remarks. As it was they lived down to our expectations.

It's bad enough that prize arse Guy Verhofstadt made a mountain out of this particular molehill without our own political pygmies this side of the channel seeking to do the same. Verhofstadt is the same halfwit who claimed to be offended by David Davis's 'get thee behind me satan' joke to a select committee last year. One can only presume that this joke got lost in translation. It's either that or Verhofstadt really is as dim or ill educated as this would suggest.

Of course those claiming that this Boris remark was offensive are doing so on the grounds that he was comparing Hollande to a Nazi. In reality the word never crossed his lips. It is all in the eye of the beholder as ever. Boris was using what those of us with a sense of proportion call a metaphor, a stylish and imaginative one as ever. We know that Brussels is populated by grey men with no imagination and so Boris must seem very exotic indeed to them. But that doesn't make him offensive, just cleverer and better read.

Perhaps in future the pronouncements of our Foreign Secretary should be accompanied by trigger warnings for prissy EU types. Fortunately of course, since Britain is leaving the EU, they will soon be in a safe space away from we Brits and our sense of humour. If only we could give them Tim Farron and Nick Clegg as part of the divorce settlement. This is not a joke. And it was intended to offend.

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