Thursday, 26 January 2017

Somebody Send A Cold Front Over Charles

If, like me, you grew up in the 60s and 70s then you will remember with affection the old Ladybird books that taught us about a range of subjects and also told us tales of Janet and John in more innocent times before John would have been considered a potential rapist and been forced to go on compulsory sexual consent classes. And of course he would likely have been renamed and made more ethnic.

Ladybird books are from a bygone era before the internet rendered them obsolete but have been going through an ironic 21st century renaissance seeking to explain complex subjects to a layman audience in need of expert guidance.

All of which makes one wonder why on earth they chose Prince Charles of all people to write a book about global warming/climate change. Charles considers himself an expert on all manner of subjects when in reality he is just a pub bore with a title. One does not become an expert on a subject simply by being interested in it or by regurgitating uncritically the opinions of other supposed experts. It isn't as if his fellow authors compensate with their expertise either. One is a green activist and the other is a little more expert but in a very narrow field. None of this qualifies them to write of climate change and in particular in the supposed field of extreme weather, a field that is unproven.

The book and the various puff pieces that have been published in toadying newspapers illustrate the depth of Charles's ignorance and credulity. His expertise is entirely a figment of his imagination as he makes a number of statements that are nearly as demonstrably untrue as those of a Donald Trump press spokesman.

He also makes the startling proposition that weather forecasts should in future include information about how extreme weather events were caused by climate change and thus by man. Yet no such evidence exists for this. Recent flooding in various places around the country, including that depicted on the cover of his book, have not been attributed to climate change and indeed can often be attributed to simply geographical factors making areas more prone to flooding when the weather is wet, something that is a regular occurrence on this windswept and damp little island. Flooding has not been more pronounced or extreme in recent years and is by no means unprecedented. This year there hasn't been any and we have had a normal sometimes cold and sometimes mild winter. Summers have in recent years been damp, cool and disappointing. Not much global warming in evidence. And Britain is by no means alone.

Charles clearly feels a passion on this subject but lacks the honesty and intellectual rigour to look into properly. Instead he prefers to trot out the party line and engage in the usual groupthink.

For the record this blog does not and has never claimed that mankind is having no impact on climate. What it has argued consistently is that our impact is minimal, can easily and more cheaply be combated with simple mitigation and adaptation and that temperature increases, even if they can be attributed to our emissions are nothing out of the ordinary or alarming. The whole science of global warming is based on computer simulations. They are not borne out by the actual data on the ground. This is why the alarmists like our next king are reduced to making silly claims about extreme weather, even though it is not extreme, is not unusual and cannot be attributed to anything other than normal weather.

For a full and comprehensive analysis see here

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