Thursday, 12 January 2017

Tales of Vlad the Botoxed

During a visit to New York two years ago during the annual UN festivities in which world statesmen convene and compete to run up the most parking violations that they then refuse to pay on account of diplomatic immunity, Vlad was staying in a plush New York hotel. Being the sort of man who likes the company of the fairer sex, in particular when he can beat them senseless and get away with it thanks to the aforementioned immunity, Vlad was 'entertaining' a couple of hookers. On such occasions Vlad likes to wear bra and panties and walk around in high heels while the girls tell him how pretty he is and what a manly chest he has. Vlad then likes having sex with the girls and sends them on their way with threats and lots of Swarovski and vodka.

We know all of this because a man we will call Donald has the tape of these events because they were  filmed in one of his terribly tasteful hotels. Donald wants the tapes back, Vlad. Or should we call you Doris as you were known that week in New York?

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